The weddings from 2019 helped to make the year that much more festive, so in light of the recent quarantines and social distancing taking place, there really isn’t a better time to share some festivity to the world. 2019 was a wonderful year filled with new friendships, amazing couples and some seriously beautiful weddings. It […]

Alana and I go waaaay back. We first met in grade four and finished both elementary and high school together and were even roommates in university. There is really something truly special about being asked to photograph a friend’s wedding and I was honoured to be there not only to document the day, but as […]

Sending my wedding clients a year end gift has become somewhat of a tradition for me. It’s one of my favorite things to do as a business owner because sometimes I lack the proper words to express my appreciation, so a gift sometimes conveys what I feel, but don’t know how to say. You can see my […]

I’ve been a little MIA on social lately, and I wish it was on purpose because then I could use the excuse of, “I was taking a social detox.” I’ve re-wrote this post about a hundred times, but what it all comes down to is that depression is hard. I’ve shied away from talking about […]