I met Danielle through a Scentsy party.  I was emailing her my order when she noticed I was a photographer and asked if I could photograph her two little girls for her.  One thing led to another and naturally, I obliged.  
Hannah is the oldest.  She is spicy and she is sweet.  She is smiling one minute and running off doing somersaults the next.  Then there is Megan, the little sister and is one happy and curious baby.  She definitely has her work cut out for her if she wants to keep up with Hannah one day.

This is Snow.  Hannah’s cat.  But guys, she knows it’s not real.  I got quite the talking to when I tried to pretend it was 😉

Mama wasn’t planning on being in the pictures,  In fact, she had no idea I was taking these.  They had just got back from a trip a few hours before, so she was sitting with them to calm them down when they got a bit fussy.  They turned out to be some of my favourites.

I wasn’t kidding about the somersaults.

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