I’m sitting here in my friends apartment, iced (decaf) caramel machiatto in hand, sun setting through the window blinds, dressed in my pyjamas and ready for bed.  I can’t believe I will be shooting my first ever wedding on my own in just one more sleep.  I am a jumble of nerves and would be surprised if I get any sleep tonight.

This is my first time ever in Victoria, and lemme just tell you, this place is beautiful.  Like seriously.  I was  left alone at my friend’s apartment this afternoon and decided to take a jaunt around the block to  soak it all in.  The sun was shining, people were bustling and my hair was blowing with the wind.  I had the most amazing time.  I eventually came back, had a shower and started to put on my pjs when I noticed I left the clothes for the wedding IN THE DRYER BACK HOME!!!  Back to the store I went to buy a last minute outfit for tomorrow.  Phew, nothing like leaving it to the last minute, eh?

I wondered briefly if it was a bad omen, then shrugged it off as quickly as it came.  If we ran away as soon as something got scary, how would we know what could have been.  The accomplishments.  Dreams coming true.  Triumph.

I honestly can’t believe how quickly things have been progressing.  Hard work really does pay off.  If someone told me a year ago that I would be shooting my first wedding tomorrow, I would have laughed in their faces.  But, alas, here we are.

When I arrived at my friend’s apartment, I gave her a birthday/thank you gift (she will be accompanying me tomorrow as a second shooter).  She squealed, said thank you, then told me how excited she is and that it feels like she is a part of history right now.  My history.

Ashley, I hope you’re right.

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