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I have so much love and gratitude for each and every one of my brides and grooms.  After each wedding, I open up a little part of my heart and there they will stay with me.  Forever.  Earlier this year I promised myself I would send my 2017 wedding clients a small gift to express how much I appreciate them and I am here to deliver.

With a heart filled with a whole lot of love, I ventured out to find the perfect gift to ring in the new year!  So, with the help of Dalana from The Cake And The Giraffe right here in Vancouver, we (well, mostly she) created these swoon worthy branded cookies that are almost too beautiful to eat.  I paired the cookies with my other fave, tea.  Hot chocolate tea to be exact.  And I paired it with a couple straws because I use straws to drink everything.  Yes – even tea.

Vancouver Wedding Photographer

Two of my favourite things are cookies and tea.  My dad was a baker his whole life, so incorporating baked goods into these gifts was really important to me.  Each package contains customized JJ cookies, hot chocolate tea and two gold coloured paper straws.  Perfect for a cozy winters night in.

Vancouver Wedding PhotographerVancouver Wedding PhotographerVancouver Wedding Photographer

For the tea, I bought loose-leaf Hot Chocolate tea (my new fave) from David’s Tea and packaged them up in these tea bags with washi tape then tucked them in some glassine bags I found at Michaels!

Vancouver Wedding PhotographerVancouver Wedding PhotographerVancouver Wedding Photographer

It’s taken me a while to find the right fit and time to send gifts. Knowing what I know now, I wish I had done it sooner. Letting people know I care is paramount to my business success and though a handwritten note (or even a message on Facebook) can be just as powerful, a little gift can go a long way too.

Happy Friday! Xo

**Find the goods:
Customized Cookies: The Cake and the Giraffe
Tea + Tea Bags: David’s Tea
Washi Tape, Glassine Bags, Paper Straws and Ribbon: Michael’s


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