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Since Omar proposed in April of last year we have had it fairly easy relishing in our engagement without too much worry about the actual wedding planning process. Originally when Omar told me he wanted to wait two and a half years for the wedding (yes, you heard me right, 2.5 YEARS!!) I was offend. Like hello…love of your life right here. Marry me now plz. I might’ve been a bit dramatic, but I was ready to marry this man yesterday so I’m sure you can understand my disappointment. All joking aside, I would say it was a blessing in disguise – but don’t tell him that!

Back in April, a year after being engaged, Omar and I finally found our venue, thereby setting our date! For those of you who don’t already know, our date is set for…Sunday October 4, 2020! Which is just shy of a year. At the one year mark, I started counting down the days from 365 until my aunt pointed out that next year is a leap year so I have to wait an extra day. Way to ruin my buzz, girl.

Once the venue was booked and our date was set, we decided to have our save the dates made and shipped as soon as we could since we are kinda/sorta having a destination-esque wedding and getting married on Vancouver Island. Which seemed fitting since that is where the majority of our relationship took place in the beginning. After looking through many different options (and believe me, there were a lot!) I decided to go with Minted.com. Not only are all their designs made created by independent artists, they have a bunch of fun add ons and have the ability to customize any design the way you like. My favourite thing about Minted? They print the addresses in a coordinating design on the envelopes for free, Talk about a total time saver. We also added the customized skinnywrap address labels because 1. They’re cute and 2. To save time. And, no, I wasn’t paid to say that, I genuinely LOVE their products!

I decided to add a magnet on the back, so our guests won’t forget, and I am so happy with how they turned out! So here’s the beginning to what I am sure will be a wedding planning series on my blog…

Vancouver Wedding Photographer

I purchased these self adhesive magnets from Michaels and they helped streamline the process. from start to finish, it took me less than an hour (and I was even taking photos in between, haha)

I paid extra for the skinny-wrap labels and it was SUCH a time saver to not have to write the return address on every one. Plus they are super cute and added a nice, personal touch…win-win!


Ta-Da! I am so happy with how they tuned out!

Happy Thursday!

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