About Me



I am a tea drinker, book reader, cat lover, list maker, wannabe power ranger and I make the BEST homemade hot chocolate.  I am also a wedding and lifestyle photographer for awesome people in love.

My photography lies within telling your love story with my camera.  I want to capture what makes your love authentic and unique.  I make it simple, keep it light and focus on those precious, candid moments that occur naturally between two people who are completely and utterly in love.

Some other things that make my life brighter beyond the lens…rainy days, fresh flowers, the smell of coffee in the morning, road trips, day dreaming and watching re-runs of Friends on Netflix until the sun comes up.

Recently relocated to Vancouver, BC, I’d love to tell your story with my camera, so email me and say hello!  Let’s collaborate and create and together we’ll document some amazing memories!