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This post has been a long time coming. I had originally planned to post this is March, but life happened, and now here we are. A little late, but here none the less…My clients got their gifts on time, and really that’s all that matters! Every year I like to send my wedding clients a […]

Sarah and Caleub met long before they became a couple. Although they have different accounts on how it actually happened, it goes something like this: He was interested, but she wasn’t quite ready at the time. Fast forward a couple years, they stumble into one another again and she thinks, “Is that Caleub?!” realizing he’s […]

Shelby and Alex first met while working at the same job during the holidays. During that short time, the two of them became really great friends, and stayed friends even once Alex was done with his contract. Over time their friendship blossomed into a relationship and seven years later here we are; engaged with a […]

She’s from California, he’s from Japan. They had both been living in Canada for sometime and both landed a job at the same dental office. It didn’t take long for them to notice one another and once they started chatting, found they had so much in common! Kiyo proposed in Hawaii last year and will […]

Each year I look for new ways to continuously build on and improve an even better experience for my clients. This year I made it my priority to create a welcome package for future wedding clients to say thank you and to welcome them to the Julie Jagt Photography family! I want my clients to […]