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These two.  these two.  Jenny and Jessee are high school sweethearts and it all started with a class trip to Europe for French class.  I’ve never been to Europe but I can only imagine it was the charm of the cobblestone streets, the experience of something new and the smell of fresh bread love in […]

When Bebe and Jared first met, they were not the best of friends – to be honest, they didn’t like each other at all.  Her and I were roommates in a tiny basement suite during our second year at TRU, so I know first hand how much they disliked one another.  It all started when […]

Angela first moved to Vancouver from her home town of Edmonton in 2009.  She moved back home a few years later, but couldn’t get the bustling west-coast city out of her mind, so she moved back in 2014.  Two months later she met Jarrod – they even had mutaul friends back in Edmonton! Neither growing […]

One thing I’ve been meaning to tackle off my list this year is creating a sample album.  Earlier this month at CPC, I was talking with a fellow photographer friend from Saskatoon – hollla Maki! – about albums and she pointed me in the direction of LifeThreads Albums.  I immediately went to their website and ordered a […]

I get asked this question from almost every client I book and I love it each and every time.  It shows that they care and are willing to take the time and invest in their session and for their photos.  I have been working on a FAQ page for my new website that’s in the works (!!!) […]