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Last weekend I went back to school shopping with my niece and it brought me back.  Way back.  School shopping/back to school used to be my all time favourite time of the year (besides Christmas).  There is just something about starting new and fresh, another year older and embracing life.  In lieu of bringing in […]

The rain lightly tapped the sides of the cottage at the Long Beach Lodge Resort in Tofino as we walked inside.  Nicky was sitting beautifully by the window as the make-up artist applied the finishing touches.  The atmosphere in the room was hard describe…it felt calm, it felt safe and it felt relaxed.  So much so that I often found […]

The air was calm and relaxed as I walked through the doors of Hairpins salon in Courtney.  After making a quick scan of the room, I seen Samantha tucked away in the corner as the last bits of powders and creams were being applied to her delicate face.  She had planned her wedding in a […]

The sun broke through the grey clouds and stroked the day with its blessings.  Everyone downstairs was working like busy little bees…Organizing the flowers…Setting up the tents…Placing the chairs in perfectly straight rows…All preparing for what ended up being the most wonderful wedding. Ciana sat quietly by the window as her sister-in-law retouched the curls […]