A couple of months ago, Mikaela at Mikaela Ruth Photography (who is also our wedding photographer) graciously invited me to shoot along side her at this beautiful wedding at the Falls in Chilliwack. It was a perfect summer day in September for a wedding. Although it began to rain shortly before the outdoor ceremony, this […]

I still can’t believe it has been ten years. The day before my dad passed away, my sisters, brother and I gathered around his private hospital room. As we were joking around and sharing stories, I felt a sudden urge for us to take a family photo. My parents separated when I was just a […]

Since Omar proposed in April of last year we have had it fairly easy relishing in our engagement without too much worry about the actual wedding planning process. Originally when Omar told me he wanted to wait two and a half years for the wedding (yes, you heard me right, 2.5 YEARS!!) I was offend. […]