Yesterday I had the lovely pleasure of second shooting with Adina from Wren and Rook Photography yet again at the Black Rock Resort in Ucluelet.  The Island has been going through somewhat of a dry spell  lately and Mother Nature surprised us all with a healthy dose of rain, so the wedding was moved indoors […]

What lovely weather we’ve been having.  Summer is so close I can taste it!  At least I think I can.  I clearly wrote this post a while back (ha!) but regardless, the weather has been pretty fantastic this summer…aside from all the forest fires we’ve been having on the island lately. Holly and her children […]

Whoa!  A lot has happened in these past couple of weeks and I’m slowly finding myself playing catch-up with all that needs to be done.  Emails.  Weddings.  Editing.  Lately I feel like the more I’ve been checking off my list, the more that has been added on.  However, slowly but surely, everything has been coming […]