I have finally recuperated after my trip to Vancouver after sleeping the majority of yesterday.  We decided to spend the night after the concert at the ferry terminal so we would be guaranteed the first ferry back home.  Yes you heard me correctly, we slept in the car.  At the ferry terminal.  Surprisingly, it wasn’t […]

The rain lightly tapped the sides of the cottage at the Long Beach Lodge Resort in Tofino as we walked inside.  Nicky was sitting beautifully by the window as the make-up artist applied the finishing touches.  The atmosphere in the room was hard describe…it felt calm, it felt safe and it felt relaxed.  So much so that I often found […]

Heeeeelllllooooo Internet World!  Guess who got last minute tickets to the One Direction Concert?!  That’s right…this girl!  I was heading over with my sister and niece (who was already going) to see my dear friends, Brock and Ric, when they told me they had seen them on Groupon for super cheap, and just like that, […]

Yesterday I had the lovely pleasure of second shooting with Adina from Wren and Rook Photography yet again at the Black Rock Resort in Ucluelet.  The Island has been going through somewhat of a dry spell  lately and Mother Nature surprised us all with a healthy dose of rain, so the wedding was moved indoors […]

What lovely weather we’ve been having.  Summer is so close I can taste it!  At least I think I can.  I clearly wrote this post a while back (ha!) but regardless, the weather has been pretty fantastic this summer…aside from all the forest fires we’ve been having on the island lately. Holly and her children […]