Oh, I love this song! I said as I reached over, turning the volume up so I could dance to the beat.  My friend and I were driving back to Vancouver from a friends wedding in the Shuswap back in September.  We all joked about how it was a mini reunion since we all attended […]

They were introduced by friends some seven years ago, at a bar nonetheless.  Alex seen Samantha from across the room and it was like one of those movie moments where the whole room is dark with just a single spotlight on the girl.  There was just something special about that girl and he was prepared […]

The sun broke through the grey clouds and stroked the day with its blessings.  Everyone downstairs was working like busy little bees…Organizing the flowers…Setting up the tents…Placing the chairs in perfectly straight rows…All preparing for what ended up being the most wonderful wedding. Ciana sat quietly by the window as her sister-in-law retouched the curls […]

I’m sitting here in my friends apartment, iced (decaf) caramel machiatto in hand, sun setting through the window blinds, dressed in my pyjamas and ready for bed.  I can’t believe I will be shooting my first ever wedding on my own in just one more sleep.  I am a jumble of nerves and would be surprised if I […]