I’m sitting here in my friends apartment, iced (decaf) caramel machiatto in hand, sun setting through the window blinds, dressed in my¬†pyjamas¬†and ready for bed. ¬†I can’t believe I will¬†be shooting my first ever wedding on my own in just one more sleep. ¬†I am a jumble of nerves and would be surprised if I […]

I met Danielle through a Scentsy party. ¬†I was emailing her my order when she noticed I was a photographer and asked if I could photograph her two little girls for her. ¬†One thing led¬†to another and naturally, I obliged. ¬† ¬† Hannah is the oldest. ¬†She is spicy and she is sweet. ¬†She is […]

For those of you don’t know, CPC, or Canada Photo Convention, is a magical time once a year where photographers from all around the world gather in one hotel for three days and cause havoc in the city of Vancouver. ¬†Whether it be stopping in the middle of the street to get the perfect shot […]

Ciana was a teenager living with her mother in Oregon when she decided to come back to her hometown, Campbell River, to attend a year of high school back in Canada. ¬†She was sitting in Spanish class when the teacher told them they had to form groups and begin a group project. ¬†Being the shy […]