The sun broke through the grey clouds and stroked the day with its blessings. ¬†Everyone downstairs was working like busy little bees…Organizing the flowers…Setting up the tents…Placing the chairs in perfectly straight rows…All preparing for what ended up being the most wonderful wedding. Ciana sat quietly by the window as her sister-in-law retouched the curls […]

I’m sitting here in my friends apartment, iced (decaf) caramel machiatto in hand, sun setting through the window blinds, dressed in my¬†pyjamas¬†and ready for bed. ¬†I can’t believe I will¬†be shooting my first ever wedding on my own in just one more sleep. ¬†I am a jumble of nerves and would be surprised if I […]

I met Danielle through a Scentsy party. ¬†I was emailing her my order when she noticed I was a photographer and asked if I could photograph her two little girls for her. ¬†One thing led¬†to another and naturally, I obliged. ¬† ¬† Hannah is the oldest. ¬†She is spicy and she is sweet. ¬†She is […]

For those of you don’t know, CPC, or Canada Photo Convention, is a magical time once a year where photographers from all around the world gather in one hotel for three days and cause havoc in the city of Vancouver. ¬†Whether it be stopping in the middle of the street to get the perfect shot […]